Friday, January 25, 2008

The miracle weight loss surgery

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There are lots of options for losing weight like diet pills, weight loss supplements, magnetic therapy, exercise and water therapy etc. weight loss surgeries are also good alternative for losing weight, but all surgeries are not so good. There is a miracle weight loss surgery known as lap band surgery. The surgery is very beneficial for losing weight due to its amazing capabilities.

Lap band system is basically works on the theory of consuming capacity; person consume less food definitely lose weight. This is the main concept of this miracle surgery. Now what the miracle so that the obese person take or consume less food after this surgery. The miracle is hidden in a hollow circular structure called lap band. This act as a circular rubber band which mounted over the stomach tightly to reduce its consuming capacity. The band is placed in such a position so that it creates a pouch of around 10ml, i.e. it moderates the consuming capacity of stomach to 10ml.

There are two modes through lap band is placed inside abdomen over the stomach. The first one is open surgery, it is the traditional way for surgery. In this a single loans incision is made on the abdomen for the placement of lap band. The second mode is laproscopic. In this five small holes are made on the abdomen. These holes are used to insert instrument, lap band and for performing the operation. After compilation of lap band surgery the lap band is adjusted. For this saline is injected through access fort of band.

Now when the patient starts eating food; eat food until the pouch is filled. As the pouch filled the patient feels fulfill and stops further eating food. Resulted the patient consume less food and resulted lose weight. Lap band surgery is actually not a miracle it purely based on scientific way of losing weight. The best thing with this surgery is; it is the safest surgery for losing healthy weight. The result of lap band system is very excited. Generally the patient feels the result after the single week of lap band surgery. In next 3 to 4 weeks the patient starts proper losing weight. Within six months to one year the obese person fully lose weight and gain healthy weight. The actual time duration of weight loss is depends on body structure of patient.

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